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VCSSCamp 2014 – this year’s date

Farmers Bridge Locks, Birmingham
Farmers Bridge Locks, Birmingham

Ok it’s probably not news by now, us having made several mentions of it on ‘other social media’ channels (as the BBC says, not wanting to ‘favour’ any particular one), but just to confirm here on this blog that yes, the date for VCSSCamp 2014 has been set as Tuesday June 24th, and the place is, once again, in Birmingham. The venue is to be confirmed.

We have a new face on the organising team this year and I will leave it to her to introduce herself in due course. Suffice to say that the wheels on this wagon are rolling again and we look forward to another enjoyable and stimulating day!



I connect charities, communities and funders to improve their practice using data, technology and the web. I do this for VCS SMEs and grassroots minority groups with @RnRWorks, through business support with @ShaktiWomen and through consultancy and communications support. I co-run VCSSCamp and Net Squared Midlands. I like connecting people and ideas, networking and carrot cake & hate people missing out on tech goodness, and brussels sprouts.

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