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VCSS Camp 2014 is getting closer, watch this space!

Great news. Thanks to Pauline we now have a venue for this year’s VCSSCamp.  We are looking at hosting it at Innovation Birmingham again, as it was such a great venue last year. They have generously offered us the venue free of charge if we have their food package.

This means we will have to charge a nominal fee of £12.50 per head to cover lunch and refreshments, but it’s not excessive and we are even offering an Early Bird discount of £10. What else would you get for £10?  A day return to Wolverhampton? Parking for the day in Birmingham? A decent bottle of wine or 3 bottles of vinegar?  Please see the comments for an exciting update about ticket prices! Whtever the price you certainly wouldn’t get brilliant company, lots of chances to network and the opportunity to share/learn lots of elements of social media. Why not take the plunge and book straightaway?

The link to the Eventbrite booking page will be coming very soon, so watch this space is here!. Why not sign up to follow the blog as we warm up for this year’s VCSSCamp and get in the camping spirit?



I run a busy Volunteer Centre and I love my job. Helping people find the right voluntary role can change their life for the better, enhance their self-esteem, improve their social life and give them the opportunity to feel they are making a real difference. Working with groups who involve volunteers, supporting them to develop systems and training them in good practice, helps ensure that volunteers have a great volunteering experience. Really enjoy my blogging and love to share news and info. Follow me at, @Dudleyvols

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