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Things to think about when planning to tweet

This guest post is from Marie Faulkner, the Online Engagement Officer for the NCVO BIG Assist programme.Marie will be attending VCSSCamp.

At Big Assist we hear from infrastructure organisations every day, grappling with how to better market themselves and communicate their impact. 72 organisations have received vouchers from us for everything from getting support in writing a new communication strategy to constructing a new brand identity. To date we’ve awarded £228,000 to these organisations in marketing, social media becoming a big part in their plans.

I went to VCSSCamp last year, and I really enjoyed talking to the infrastructure organisations I met specifically about social media. I am always totally inspired by the work being done by front line organisations but in many ways infrastructure have other things to consider. So I thought i’d share the things I’ve considered myself and with colleagues about Tweeting in the hope that others have too and we can talk about them at this year’s event.

Things I ask myself when I tweet

  1. Is this for my target audience?
  2. Why and what is most useful? Mostly advice and support stuff? We are membership organisations – what do members want from us? Do they want to hear about things on the ground or are they more interested in organisational development.
  3. It’s OK that I don’t get the same amount of retweets as @38degrees or @savethechildren because our primary audience is busy people at work, doing their 9-5 jobs. Posting during commuting times and after work has shown some improvements in clicks.
  4. I wish my content was more fluffy and emotive sometimes but should I be writing about issues that aren’t in our organisational strategy? Lots of people are talking about this stuff – will I be invisible if I do anyway?
  5. It’s harder to talk about our own impact.

So, how do you all do it?

People I’ve spoken to who are doing it well…

Our customer consultant Julie has seen many infrastructure organisations working towards being able to demonstrate their impact through social media and use the networks to connect with other organisations and sectors.

For inspiration, there are some good case studies from infrastructure organisations using social media well – West Norfolk Voluntary and Community Action, Dudley Volunteer Centre and Voice 4 Change England.

And some how-to guides that have helped me along the way
These are worth a read if you want further guidance.

I look forward to seeing you all!

If anyone coming to VCSSCamp wants to talk to me about applying for vouchers from BIG Assist, or if there’s interest in a session about help for infrastructure, I’m always happy to chat about it – I’m @BIGAssist on Twitter.

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A Chief Officer’s perspective

collaborateHere is the second part of Eileen’s interview with Andy Gray. Here she asked him why he thought people should come along and his hopes for the day.

Why should other people come along too?

  • Everyone there has something to bring and it doesn’t matter what your position is in an organisation, everyone is equal and willing to share their skills, knowledge and talents.
  • It will be a stimulating day for anyone and doesn’t matter what role you currently hold, if you are interested and open to fresh thinking, it will be beneficial.
  • It will attract creative people who want to see innovation and test new ground.

… and finally …

Collaboration is what the day is all about and as charities moving forward, collaboration will be a watch word.  We will have to work together to meet change and social media will be a useful tool, as people using it appear willing to share their experiences and learn together.

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The art of the possible – looking at what we could achieve!

Page 4 Andy Gray  croppedAndy Gray is Chief Officer of Dudley CVS and has been invited to attend the second VCSS Camp this year. Eileen from the Planning Team, who works at Dudley CVS, invited him to share this thoughts and expectations on the value of attending VCSSCamp 2014.

Why are you coming to VCSSCamp?

I am interested in looking at how, through social media, you can discover fresh thinking, make new contacts and learn about other opportunities

  • For the organisation – the feedback from those members of my team who are currently using social media has thus far been really positive: it’s opened up lots of avenues, networks and opportunities. It feels like the event will be a creative space and an opportunity to see what possible outcomes could develop.
  • Personally – it’s an opportunity to catch up and see what other people have done, what they used and what the outcomes were.  I envision lots of creative people in an informal space and a great opportunity to share, and learn.