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A Chief Officer’s perspective

collaborateHere is the second part of Eileen’s interview with Andy Gray. Here she asked him why he thought people should come along and his hopes for the day.

Why should other people come along too?

  • Everyone there has something to bring and it doesn’t matter what your position is in an organisation, everyone is equal and willing to share their skills, knowledge and talents.
  • It will be a stimulating day for anyone and doesn’t matter what role you currently hold, if you are interested and open to fresh thinking, it will be beneficial.
  • It will attract creative people who want to see innovation and test new ground.

… and finally …

Collaboration is what the day is all about and as charities moving forward, collaboration will be a watch word.  We will have to work together to meet change and social media will be a useful tool, as people using it appear willing to share their experiences and learn together.


I run a busy Volunteer Centre and I love my job. Helping people find the right voluntary role can change their life for the better, enhance their self-esteem, improve their social life and give them the opportunity to feel they are making a real difference. Working with groups who involve volunteers, supporting them to develop systems and training them in good practice, helps ensure that volunteers have a great volunteering experience. Really enjoy my blogging and love to share news and info. Follow me at, @Dudleyvols

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