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An Unconference? What’s that? Please don’t be concerned!

When talking to people about #vcsscamp I have to remind myself that not everyone has been to an unconference before. It may be familiar to me, but a lot of staff and managers in the voluntary sector haven’t tried this style of event.

VCSSCamp 2014 Group Picture
Group picture of VCSSCamp 2014 attendees in Birmingham

I experienced this yesterday whilst talking to a communications manager from a South London CVS. Once the concept had been explained she was very keen, although the geography of being 200 miles from Barnsley may make attendance tricky this time! (Anyone up for organising a South London VCSSCamp next?!)

So it was great to be sent this link to a blog post written by Craig Almond from the GMCVO Databases project (@GMCVODatabases) which explains what goes on at an unconference. This post captures perfectly from Craig’s perspective as an attendee at VCSSCamp in Birmingham back in June what to expect as an unconference 1st timer. Thanks Craig.

Bookings are coming in steadily for VCSSCamp Three on 27th November in Barnsley. If you can, please come along and if you can’t please share this with a colleague. We have a good mix of people who work for or around CVSs and Local Support Providers.

It will be a great day and we’d love to meet you!



I've worked in the voluntary sector listening to people and helping them use technology for 17 years and believe strongly that people come first and technology second. My latest work is with Lasa helping older people's organisations small social chare charities use tablet devices for living well and develop their own technology plans & ideas. I'm always learning from people I talk to at meet-ups and bring experience of running the NetSquared Midlands Meet-up, VCSSCamp unconferences and many social media surgeries. I'm also the UK & Europe contact for the NetSquared Tech for Social Good meet ups. I connect people and communities to get the most from technology and the web. I like listening, linking and real beer & hate seeing the wheel being reinvented and sweetcorn.

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