About VCSSCamp

VCSSCamp is a space just for people from VCS Local Infrastructure Organisations (that’s CVSs and Volunteer Centres etc) and support agencies to meet and talk about the ways they use (or don’t use!) digital tools and technology to transform their work.

We’re also including people from other organisations/individuals who work with infrastructure organisations using public realm and charitable funding to support their beneficiaries e.g. digital agencies, developers, public sector colleagues and any others who suppport those working on the front line.

So if you work in, lead, govern or volunteer for a local support or infrastructure organisation, or you offer similar support, and you want to get together with like-minded people for a day to discuss the important issues your organisation faces, then VCSSCamp is for you!

Pre-Covid 19, we tended to hold a camp in Birmingham every year around June. In 2020 we are holding our first online VCSSCamp.

In partnership with local CVSs, we have also held camps in other places at other times of the year. We need 40-60 participants to get the optimum number of pitches and sessions for a whole day’s Camp.

The day is run in  an unconference format so there is no set plan or agenda before the day starts. All you need is a desire to talk about the many ways that social media and digital technology has changed the landscape we work in, and what we are doing and could be doing about and with it.

We advertise the next VCSSCamp a few months before it runs so if you’re interested, do check back here for updates, and/or follow @VCSSCamp and #VCSSCamp on Twitter

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