Directions to VCSSCamp Six

Getting to the venue

New Street Station is in the process of redevelopment so the entrance has changed and no longer comes out near the Bullring.

There are no direct buses from the station and taxis may take you between 10 and 15 minutes depending on traffic (and the knowledge of the cab driver)

So if you want to walk it will take about 15-20 minutes depending on your pace.

As you leave the platform and go through the ‘ticket barriers’ (these are white booths) you arrive at the new concourse with shops.

Head towards Stevenson Street entrance (up a small incline within the concourse with Boots on your left)

On leaving the station look to your left and walk between Cafe Nero and Ladbrokes, this is Lower Temple Street. Turn right by Starbucks into New Street and head for Vodafone and Lloyds Bank. Turn left here into Corporation Street. You are now going to walk the length of Corporation Street – stay on the left side of the street as it is easier for crossing further along (and avoids the construction work for the new tram).

Pass House Of Frazer (Rackhams) and the Square Peg Pub, cross the roundabout and continue down Corporation Street, remain on the left hand pavement until you pass the Magistrates Court then cross to the right hand side.

After Central Hall and you arrive at an open space – you need to cross the dual-carriageway (lights) towards Aston University (some building going on). When you get to the other side of the road turn left, with the building hoardings on your right, follow the pavement around to the right along Aston Street towards Aston University Campus.

This road becomes a pedestrian area dominated by the university, so keep the university main building on your left, walk to the open area adjacent the main building and business school, which is on your right. You should now be able to see the Sack of Potatoes pub. Walk toward the Pub along Woodcock Street (which becomes Lister Street), stay on the left hand side of the road towards the Costa Green pub which is on the junction of Lister Street and Holt Street.

Turn Left into Holt Street and Faraday Wharf is the office building on the right hand side of the street.

What the day is all about

We* thought it would be a good idea to create an opportunity for people from VCS infrastructure organisations to get together, ask questions about and discuss:

how the important work of infrastructure organisations can be sustained and even enhanced through better use of digital technology** and how to convince our organisations this has to be the way forward.

We don’t want to dictate the content of discussions, so the day is designed to enable topics to be developed by everyone and the discussions to be led by participants.

Arrive from around 10.00am for drinks & a ‘practical registration’ for a 10.30am start.

* We are the VCSSCamp team: Pauline Roche, Becky Pickin, Paul Webster and Ted Ryan. We’ve put this event together by giving our own time and finding sponsorship in the form of a venue and donations to cover the costs of food and drink. This event has grown from passion and collaboration, and a very successful VCSSCamp that we organised in 2013. Each of us brings many years experience of Digital Tools and working in and around Infrastructure Organisations.

** Digital Technology is a very broad term! For the purposes of today we expect it to mean social media, open data, basic hardware, time saving online tools, mobile devices, databases, collaborative software, VR, drones, crowdfunding, mapping … and more!

Please join in the conversation

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