Format of the day

Here’s our usual plan for the day – to give you an idea of the structure behind an unconference type event.

09.30    Active Registration and Teas/Coffees (refreshments will be available from now)

10.00     Welcome and introductions

10.20    Thinking about what we want to talk about and shaping up the discussion topic ideas together

10.30     ‘Pitching’ the discussion topics and agenda setting

11.00     Discussion 1

       11.45     Discussion 2

12.30     Lunch (provided)

13.00     Group photo

13.10     Discussion 3

14.00     Discussion 4

14.45    Comfort break

15.15     Discussion 5 … Or maybe some time for you to sit out and make some notes, write a quick blogpost, send some tweets etc. We’d love you to share these with all comers and those ;articipating in the day via the hashtag #VCSSCamp on Twitter

16.00      Sharing a little of what we’ve learned

16.15     What’s Next, Clear Up and Close

 Move on for informal networking ….

Please join in the conversation

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