Ideas to discuss

What we talk about, share and learn on the day is entirely up to the people who come.

We came up with a few of the sorts of things that come up a lot in the list below – they are just ideas to give you  a feel and get you thinking.

Please do use the comments box below the list to start adding your ideas, asking questions and so on.

Things that we could talk about

  • Sharing our learning and experience of using, or trying to use social media/digital technology
  • Exploring that tricky thing about using social media for an organisation, given the individual nature of online conversations
  • Just having space to ask basic questions such as ‘how do I do set up a blog?’ or ‘what is a hashtag?’
  • Discussing ways that our members, strategic partners, and community activists are using online social channels and what that means for infrastructure organisations in terms of our relationships, our support offer and our communications
  • Developing ideas and sharing information about ways that infrastructure organisations can assist local groups to use social media effectively in support of their work, maybe through surgeries or coaching sessions
  • How open data will help infrastructure organisations, both as providers of this to their members and gaining access to this from public bodies
  • Considering ways that information available online, and through social media can enhance existing activity to identify needs in local communities and the role of data including data we already own and open data in this
  • Use of digital tools to enhance training delivery, this could include e-learning, MOOCs and Open Badges
  • Exploring the impact of social media use on more traditional communication, networking and collaboration amongst local volunteers, voluntary organisations and community groups that we facilitate
  • Discussing ways that social media is being and could be used to help broker volunteer opportunities, recruit volunteers and create new sorts of volunteering opportunities
  • Considering the potential for using social media to enhance representation of the sector and to generate collective action
  • Creating or encouraging a digital culture in my organisation

It really is up to the people who turn up on the day and what matters to you.

5 thoughts on “Ideas to discuss

  1. Here are a couple of links to articles and information out there in relation to our sector’s use of open data.

    First up: an article from the Guardian Professional by Tris Lumley about charities waking up to open data –

    Second, a potentially useful resource if you want to explore and visualise data – Data Unity

    Both of the above are from a Network News update I just received from Urban Forum (thanks Urban Forum) – here’s a link to the whole update:


  2. Hi All

    I’d be interested to talk about and listen to topics on innovative internal infrastructure, i.e. what are the tools available for organisations to save money and time so they aren’t held back by expensive, old fashioned legacy IT. There got some lists of useful tech tools to help organisations with their own digital transformation which I can bring along to share.

    The New Reality research is a good starting point for discussion and concrete ideas




    1. Hi Josh

      That is a really great topic.
      We all know organisations held back by ‘it’s too difficult’ or ‘we’re happy with the way we’ve always done it’.
      Pauline Roche & I put together a quick crib sheet for managers and trustees as a ‘bridge’ between the old and the new ways of doing things.
      The link to it is –

      If you’ve also got something similar, or just some useful tech tools to share that would be great!



  3. Fab – I developed a similar one for training the Welsh infrastructure organisation’s development officers to share with their groups. The “Start Up Tech Essentials” handout was followed a presentation/talk focussed on helping new groups start off with the right tech in areas of:
    – Office Tools & Collaboration
    – Online Marketing & Promotion
    – Organising Meetings & Events
    – Publishing

    The doc is on OneDrive at

    The tools exist and they’re better than ever, cracking the culture change is the tough bit – but there’s useful techniques for that too!




  4. Hello, I work for a housing association which supports many small voluntary organisations managing community centres. Many would benefit from advice procuring the right IT and setting it up suitable for a community context, with multiple users, and then maintaining it – and of course are keen to do this as cost effectively as possible.

    Does anyone know any partners which support organisations in this respect, ideally on a regional or National basis?


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